[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | August 3, 2021

Happy Monday DPG members,

In preparation of Update 2.9, we are expecting to go into maintenance break tomorrow Tuesday (8/03/21) at 9:00 AM ET - read on for details if you haven’t already and stay tuned for live updates on this space.

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Pokemon snap is getting an update so I’ll be doing that while this updates

Can we not? There is so much controversy around this update. Many people feel cheated. And some of these changes make overly good resilients OP beyond bief while making others crap.


How long would it takes?

Is this a bad joke? How can you push this through after all the comments on here / the internet…

It’s this sort or poor mismanagement that leads people to move on.

Personally speaking my VIP membership is being cancelled. I feel robbed.

You still have time to postpone for a week… Just saying…


Usually around 5 hours

@E.D Could always release the update without the Resilient Changes. Give it a week, look at the numbers. As it is, I don’t think it was well thought out. Giving a debuff that increases damage to high damage Resilients like Hadros without nerfing their base damage is flabbergahasting. The current changes will only further unbalance the arena and push Fierce Creatures completely out of the endgame meta.

I would rather see direct nerfs to strong Resilients like Hadros and Magnus, and a fleshing out of the Fierce Roster (More Fierce Creatures/hybrids, more Fierce moves that give them some survivability, and Buffs/Changes to current Fierce creatures such as Mortem)


So 5 hours maintenance again?

“All mortems and thordors, and dracorats, and scorp g3 (yea I know it’s cunning-ferice but still) just look away from this”

Oh…!!! This text will be blurred

Really you are still going ahead with the update even though the majority of the players in the game are unhappy ?

Tell me ludia do you read the comments and take things into consideration of what the players think? (The same players who keep the game running)

Or do you ignore the comments and believe it will all be great still - I think it’s the latter.


Ludia don’t care, obviously…

Look at all the comments, look at the votes for an update of this magnitude without a boost reshuffle…

Might seriously think of moving on to a different game where the devs ACTUALLY listen to their playerbase because this dev team clearly don’t care. 0 communication whilst they said to communicate with the playerbase more frequently, didn’t see that happen yet either and that was said months ago.


Goodbye deceleration in the resilient moves



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R.I.P. my Tenrex.

Still can’t believe we’re not getting a boost reset for this…



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Because it can no longer decelerate and it’s very fragile.




Make it fast.
Vulnerability, DSR.