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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | December 03, 2019

Totally agree

Tbh, I’m not as excited for this update… Especially with cs precision. I hope new hybrids aren’t as bad as they seem. I wish they would’ve given the edgy salamander a unique. Still excited to a degree tho

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You our are in for a big surprise my friend


Refund your boosts then redistribute


Very well said!

I was just thinking, I’m not over here composing about all the dna, coins, and grind wasted to level my dinos up to high levels when something changes. Sure it sucks but I’m sure they’ll be good again or just keep rocking them. I stay unboosted.


This is a nice update in a couple ways. However I think the best update was where they made it where we could use the whole 150m to spin drops and stuff. That was legit!


Yeah, that was the second best in my opinion. The birth of Wrathomimus :star_struck: !

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I only boost uniques now :slight_smile: Had some minor boosts on 2 legendaries before (no, not rat or indo) but got it back at the reset luckily.
Everything above its class, like a unique/legendary that’s better than its equal level uniques, will eventually get nerfed, since it doesn’t belong there. Might take an update or 2, but it’s not worth the effort to level and boost it up.
I hope people will see this so they won’t bother leveling up annoying creatures. Unfortunately this will still happen, but I’m gonna point and laugh at them (again) when the nerf kicks in.

I’m surprised not too many people complain about the rat nerf and all they invested in it. Maybe they are actually ashamed they have been using it all the time and won’t admit it :stuck_out_tongue:


So Ed, can you lighten me please?

6 hours ago you asked us to give you feedback on what is proposed in 1.11. Specifically you asked for our opinion on the Maxi nerf, the rat nerf and the Indo gen2 CS buff.

Foolishly loads of us responded and begged you not to add a move to the already op CS move on Indo gen2 .
Most people felt that Maxi should lose a bit of attack power and health, and not have precise removed from its rampage.
And everyone seemed happy with the rat nerf.

So… are we to assume that you won’t be adding the precise move to CS. And Maxi will keep its precise rampage?

Or should we just accept that it was a token gesture to ask us, and the update will go ahead as planned with absolutely no notice taken of what we’ve asked for?


Can’t wait for the new update. God hope they nerf the yoshi

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Nova atualizaçao estara insana​:100::clap:

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They’ve done this before. They gather information, wait for the topic to settle down, have meetings about it, plan the work, do the work, and present it to us in 1 or 2 updates from now.
What do you expect? :slight_smile: They’re not gonna be here in their evening hours and respond to every message.
Besides, the feedback might be updated and more added once 1.11 is live, so gotta wait for that too. Nothing is gonna be done in the patch they’re rolling out tomorrow. They’re not asking for feedback to stop that from happening, as the development cycle takes weeks.


Translated from Portuguese

New update will be insane :100::clap:

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all well Jason


they could even take 1-2 things and do a hot fix like they did with smilonemys shortly after the update. but as you said, it’s difficult to do something right before the patch goes live.

let’s see another dracoceratops nerf turn into a buff in arena with new team combinations.

sit, relax and watch… :popcorn:


So Tielenaar why wouldn’t they ask us for feedback a few days before then. Or better still a week or two before?

What gets me is this.
Some of the things they implement give me the distinct impression that they don’t play the game at all.
No one, and I mean no one would possibly conceive that adding another move to CS on Indo gen2 would be a good idea. But Ludia did! I predict a massive increase in overboosted and high level Indo gen 2 in pretty much every arena in a week or two.

Like yourself, be suffered the rat for a year before they finally did something about it that one may consider a nerf. And even then, when it’s health is buffed it’ll keep coming and going and be a right royal pain. Why would anyone that plays the game leave it a year before finally doing something about that?

All over the forum people complain about Yoshi, what did Ludia do? Nothing. Again this suggests they don’t realise how op it is in battle.

Pretty much everyone is upset about Maxi losing precise with its rampage and Ludia still take it away. This suggests they don’t want it to counter their latest money-making Dino. So maybe this is an argument t suggest they do play the game, but with a different motive to us!


All maxxed hp boosts xD

Ludia: If the paying players want to apply all maxxed boosts to the rat, so be it! Let’s keep it going in different ways.

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I cant wait to get a mammoth in the game


is there even time for you to take this post into consideration?

or is everything going as is, and feedback is being asked for no reason?