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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | December 17, 2018


Hello fellow DPG members!

There will be a quick maintenance break coming Monday (12/17/18) morning at around 9:30 AM (EST). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Oh? Another maintenance thing already? I apologize if I’m like the only one here who might not know, but what would be the little update be about? Bug fixes?


Im guessing bug fixing such as the one everyone seems to be having on the scent capsules (timer dissappearing, map not loading, etc)


To prep for the new tournament. They do this everytime :man_facepalming:


Fix the stun bugg when we get stunned for 2 turns instead of 1 or even better remove stun from the game


i do not intend to cooperate.


I’m with Julien on this. Tired of loosing been in Lockdown four months and not going back. I’ll sit out as one or two losses will send me back. Plenty of other things to do…strike zone and Christmas presents are fun. Maybe this time they’ll get it fixed right.


I was expecting they would fix the scent timer bug, oh well they simply didn’t do anything with it. The bug is still here, no timer in the game, and I don’t know if the map will be blank again after darting any dinos too.

We want bugs fixed but not only trophies resets.


As Julien pointed out, they do this before every tourney. Its not for fixing bugs, its just to reset all the trophies and whatever else they do to get ready for the tournement.


Server-side updates and reboot following last weeks update Tuesday :laughing:


This again? I was in the middle of doing battles when the game glitched out, and when I open the game again I get error code 10057, updating the game. I don’t have the time to wait for this. Plz fix ASAP.


Battling seems to be going better, but still limiting the amount of battling. Just really tired of being “tossed back and forth” via arenas… it’s getting old. However the alliances seem to be a nice edition to the game.
Happy Hunting!