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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | February 4, 2019


Hello fellow DPG members!

There will be an extended maintenance break on Monday (02/04/19) morning at around 8:00 AM (EST). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Note: The in-game timer for PvP Season 5 was originally off by 1 hour. This has since been rectified.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Update on Monday? Awesome!


Advanced notice. Thank you.

Right after tournament comes patch?


Is it 1.6 update?


Patch notes still hitting before the weekend?


Patch notes tomorrow


Hope it’s 1.6??? :smiley:


Does this mean ranking by 8 am on Monday will be the final result of season 5 tournament ? … I don’t expect the maintenance to be done before 10 am…


Yes we definitely need to know. LB freezes at 8 correct?


Isn’t patch note used to being twice as long than the time in description though?


Maybe adding the apk for dinos of the week until 1.6? Seems too short of a turnaround without the notes release to be 1.6.

But… I am still hoping for 1.6!


Not really we normally get patch notes shortly before a patch. Patch notes are a pretty sure sign the patch is less then a week away. Friday to monday is pretty close to friday to tuesday.


Bring on the Friday Patch notes :grin:


Update. Wooooooo


So basically get your last minute epic event spawns finished early because we will lose the last hour of them that we would normally have (which is when I usually finally have the time to do them).


Could that mean… UPDATE?!


PATCH NOTES confirmed tomorrow on twitter


Yeeeesss wohooo


Yep, confirmed on Twitter. Happy to be wrong if this is the 1.6 on Monday.


According to pocemon were not getting the update this Monday. But sometime next week. This is not confirmed, but he’s usually right about this stuff