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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | February 4, 2019


patch notes, and maybe next week the update


It’s normally right after the maintenance like it was last update


[ Insert Catchphrase Here ]


Bahahahha @Ardens :sweat_smile:


If we dont get the update monday it will most likely be later in the week. But every major update has come after a scheduled maintenance.


Lets hope they release the non-hybrid creatures from the franchise into a future update. Here’s my list alphabetically

Cearadactylus (Novel version)
Ceratosaurus (Based off the JP3 version)
Corythosaurus (JP3 version)
Geosternbergia (TLW version)
Hadrosaurus (Novel version)
Herrerasaurus (Telltale version)
Mamenchisaurus (TLW version)
Mononykus (JWFK Diorama)
Mosasaurus (JWFK version; possibly in a future aquatic update)
Othnielia (Novel version)
Pachyrhinosaurus (Possibly based of the JW: The Exhibition version)
Styracosaurus (Novel version)
Troodon (Telltale version)
Tylosaurus (Telltale version; possibly in an future aquatic update)


So when does the tournament end? Please clarify. Thanks!




Mate, I’m sorry to say this, but if ludia decide to put mosasaurus or tylosaurus it’ll probably kill the game


I could not find any match for about 2 weeks now, and my alliance chat doesn’t work…
If it doesn’t change on Monday, I uninstall the game… :frowning:


RIP dracorex gen2. :sob:


$1000 bucks says Ludia fixes none of the HUGE number of bugs in the game. :pensive:

I’m happy to spend money on quality game, but not on one that developers don’t seem to care about.

I could -easily- list a dozen bugs that I encountered just in my first week of playing. This game could be better than Pokémon Go, but they won’t give it the attention it requires. Jurassic World Alive a -fantastic- game - the graphics and sounds are absolutely ON POINT, but they just don’t seem to give a crap about playability. It’s a crying shame, tbh.

I’m not after attention for myself, but please :heart: this comment if you agree. We need to get this message through to them so they polish the game a bit. If they do, the playability will increase a lot and the popularity of the game will potentially explode. :ok_hand:


Can’t wait excited much


muttaburrasaurus was never a species that was in the Jurassic Park/World franchise, as for the smaller dinosaurs like compsognathus, dryosaurus, microceratus, othnielia, segisaurus and troodon and the marine reptiles mosasaurus and tylosaurus i don’t think those will ever be added


Doakes was awesome :smiley:


For your information, Muttaburrasaurus appeared in the JP3 trading cards and Jurassic World: Evolution.


I felt so bad for him. The only one who KNEW… always and forever :sob:


ohhhhh boy, more hours upon hours upon days and days and days farming dna only to fuse and get 10 per fuse and on top of that, not finding the rare ones you need to fuse to make the better one…just, THRILLING!


Ok Monday morning but when will it be back on


It would be nice to use the message board to talk to other Alliance members.

I assume that was it’s purpose.