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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | February 4, 2019


Feb 5th is Lunar (Chinese) New Year. By population, this is the most celebrated holiday in the world.

Maybe we’ll get special year of the pig graphics and events? :pig2::slightly_smiling_face::sparkler:


I cant wait for Monday woot woot


Make sure you have incubator in there as mantainance break will take three hours.


Dang it… I was just about to be able to Unlock Blue… I only needed 26 DNA points ;-; I was so close… Well at least I now have Echo and Delta… All I need now Is Charlie and Blue… I knew I should have tried to get the Pyroraptor just in case something like THIS happens…


What if you had no incubator becasue you had to camp for tournament, oh the torment :rofl:


You just need to wait till update.
I still have last incubator (8h) going.


Not sure how Pokémon handles these updates smoothly. I have been playing Go right from the beginning and this kind of shutdowns is almost nonexistent.


You just need to download the latest version of the app, which takes half a minute and you’re ready to play.


How much longer is this maintenance break supposed to take place?


Major updates have taken up to 3 hours - but they do say the next event starts at 10am EST which is 40 minutes from now …


I think that’s just standard. It will probably take 3 hours


It would be amazing if they could address the issue with dinosaurs spawning directly on top of supply drops. So annoying when there’s a dino you want and can’t get to it because if it spawns on the supply drop, you can’t get to it… you only get the supply drop.


They did. Its fixed as soon as mainteneance is done. Pocemon has been on the beta. He said dinos take priority over the towers now


Are maintenance still ongoing? Lasts almost 3 hours.


If that’s true, I wonder why they didn’t announced it. We would all be celebrating that fix. They should make just a post announcing it lol


I mean if he is playing on the beta he has no reason to lie. And if hes not actually playing on the beta and is just lying than that just makes him look terrible. For no reason at that


The release notes said the towers have been redesigned - I think there would have been riots if that were the case and they didn’t fix the bug :slight_smile:


how long still? i have been trying on/off from 10am this morning is now 16.10pm…



Lol pls don’t get me wrong. I watch the video and ofc I trust him. I just can’t believe they actually fixed it, that’s why I said that