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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | January 21, 2020

I’m ready for a migration too! Sick of Einosaurus!

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I’m sick of majung


At least those are colorful. I’d take anything else other than this boring gar-faced common that plagues L4.

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OMG this thread probably made my day…not the update being tomorrow either. :rofl:


Can Diplocaulus take a vacation somewhere else please. Lol :laughing:

I was hoping to create all my creatures before the next update, but it looks like that might not happen. Monolorhino is the only one I have left.

By the way, does any one think that the Woolly Rhino resembles the mudhorn from The Mandalorian? I think of that every time I look at my loading screen. :smile:





i had 8 more dinos to make. all of them (save for bajanodon) are really difficult for me.
Many may get put on hold longer while i figure out what i’m gonna have to FIP first.

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I’ve seen it nesting in parks at self-washing public toilets, along with diplotator. Was a fun discovery.

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In dinosaurssss defense, I had the exact same question.

They have had maintenance breaks for preparation, in which they were preparing but not deploying the update, in the past.

They could have been more clear. Preparation of the update does not mean deployment.

I do not read their statement as “This is the release of the update”, I read it as we are preparing to release at a future date.

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Oh, you mean those short breaks. That were usually to fix bugs, not preparations for update. Excluding that 1.7 fiasco.
Don’t remember any maintainance breaks before updates after 1.7 fiasco.

They had one update that required some backend changes or something, it was a major update. It was billed as “In preparation for the upcoming update.”

I believe it was the one that introduced sanctuaries. I remember it happening, just not exactly which update.

Reported? Are you for real? People get banned for that stuff so don’t take it lightly. He did nothing wrong, just asking a question. Please don’t take your misunderstanding frustrations out on others.


Yeah, that was 1.7 update. They was about to make update maintainance then, but something went wrong and they needed to fix what went wrong.

I don’t think so.

here’s one they did that was in preparation for an update, not to fix bugs…

I remember that at start they had some short maintainance breaks for updates, but last few updates went out normally with only update maintainance.

This is the update. Their wording is vague, always has been, but this is the update.

Such a shame I’ll never get a promotion :frowning: and got reported :frowning: but iv been playing since the beta and all maintanace leads to the update apart from when there was a problem they found there end which was moved to a Friday instead


They are hedging their bets in case the roll out fails for some reason like 1.7. The worst update in JWA history


I think they are being vague in case the update fails to drop or something happens. So its a cop out defense. Remember 1.7? The Android fiasco.


They can’t even put a lunar scent and fip’s in a supply drop… I don’t have much confidence in this update