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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | January 21, 2020

Park creatures are scentable now

How much longer?

Soon (10 characters)

It may have to start as water only strike towers where you can only use water dinos, and water only tournaments - until they reach enough water creatures for a water arena.

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Sounds like a good idea. It’d be difficult to make sure they’re not useless. But I think doable.

Sory for being nerdy but the’re not water ‘‘dinos’’, but creatures.

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Do you think titanoboa will be the new loading screen?

It is, it’s already out.

Oh thanks!

For me the game says that there’s still maintenance, but the update’s in the play store.

I’m drowning in Einosaurus!

Send 'em over.

Same. Downloaded the new version but in maintenance screen at 1/27.

Is the update out for iPhone users? Am waiting since 6 pm now and nothing. Still maintenance and no update. :frowning:

Mine still says maintenance as well…

Hey GermanRaptor, could you check your app store and see if the update is available for download there?

I just checked and I am still in maintenance mode. There is no new update in the Apple store.

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I just did but no sadly no update there. :disappointed_relieved:

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Nothing here either

We have an android user in the alliance who is in. Created a critter also.