[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | June 25, 2019

Totally agree that it needed fixing .
So many times a Dino dodges 3x and this simply defies logic . I know they can’t programme the dodge / cloak or evasive to be 50/50 as it would be easy to figure out hit and miss every other time , so what they’ve done is spot on in my opinion .


Oh, goodie. Hopefully you’re fixing the battle matching up issue. I wish the game would be more fair though. Putting in 50 or 100 dna into a dinosaur or a hybrid and only getting 10 in return is so stupid. At least give me as much as I give the game. I could’ve had an indominous ages ago otherwise. :weary:


Matchmaking still terrible
Boosts still buyable

Too early for 1.8. Fix your dang game first!


The problem with fixing the dodge mechanic is it essentially nerfs indo even more. Indo should be a mainstay. How about incorporating pounce with dsr to give the opponent a 50% damage reduction for one turn. This would keep indo in most players’ lineups. We have invested a lot of resources into what should be one of the best dinos in the game.


So what’s going on what’s the event

This: [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.8



The changes to dodge are fine if they then increase the health of the dinos in line. This would make them as durable but remove the randomness.

Without this the reality is that a lot of low health dinos with dodge will be useless. Info as mentioned absolutely should be a beast. This game is based on the movies and this so what we expect.

I suspect 1.9 will need a lot of health increases to these dinos. Whilst I like the idea I’m not sure the execution has been fully though through. I hope I’m wrong

Agreed. How on earth are we going to kill super boosted dracoceratops in one shot when they just nerfed the crit ratio? There aren’t many dinos that can do it now!

Actually, there might be a very simple explanation why Ludia’s developers can’t fix the rat. I bet one of the top executives came up with that stupid move set / dino and the rest can’t even change it too much now. Who would tell own boss: “I really think that was a bad idea and we have to scrap it…”? NO ONE! :confused:

When will they realise they HAVE to rework its move set???


maintenance confirmed for tomorrow?

remembering 1.7… a DELAYED update brought us 2 weeks of bugs.
i’m really afraid what an ANTECIPATED one should do. :ghost:

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We think the game is awesome!!!

Ok, how long is maintenance

Till it’s over :wink:
Ludia never told any estimated finishing time

Does anyone know if the maintenance will affect the weekly alliance incubators? My alliance saves our previous weeks incubators and waits to open them until we get to rank 3 or 4. But some members are worried the maintenance/ update will make us lose them.

Please don’t change cloak!

not that the crit

Hopefully the maintenance takes 2 hours so I can get home to download it on lunch break.

Why is everyone assuming that it will definitely be the update during this maintenance? They may need to do some updates before 1.8 can be deployed.

Then why do they say 6/25 then

The more important question is why did you stop reading at that post that I made a few days ago and not bother to continue reading, even just 2 more posts after that one. If you had made the effort to keep reading you would have figured out why I originally said that. :roll_eyes: