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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | March 4, 2019


Hello fellow DPG members!

There will be a short maintenance break on Monday (03/04/19) morning at 10:30 AM (EST). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Note: Maintenance will commence after the Alliance Rush event has been completed, and will have no effect on the results. As per usual, we will be posting said results shortly after the data is gathered.

Thank you for your cooperation!


I bet most everyone is going to ask about Alliance Missions.


No way @T-Wrecked, this has to be 1.7 coming in early!


Hope 4 new Dinos

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Highly doubt its 1.7 or new dinos (we can only hope tho!) Its more likely that theyre shutting the game down to get alliance missions turned back on


Guess so too

Maybe its for the season/tournament things they talked about a while back, and ofc alliance missions. If it is the tournament, maybe we will finally get scolosaurus?

The tournament isnt sceduled until the 7th tho. Seems kinda weird to have a maintenance for that so early

My guess is it’s to complete rush event and start alliance missions back up

Yeah! Bring on another sloppy update


Anybody wanna bet me its not 1.7 lol


Pretty obvious it’s too early for 1.7. I’m expecting 1.7 in next 30-40 days. Ppl are being too optimistic and dreaming far from reality. No offense


Throwing shade, haha.

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Maintenance going on!

Here comes the update!! /s

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How did I miss this thread a few days ago???

Spynonix :crossed_fingers:

What new content will come to this game

It will be the end of Alliance Rush and the reintroduction of Alliance Missions.

Meantime there it is also the ARCore update…