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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | May 05, 2020

Hello fellow DPG members,

In preparation of Update 1.14, we are expecting to go into maintenance break on Tuesday (05/05/2020) morning at approximately 9:00 AM (ET). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and the Forum for any status updates!

In the meantime, feel free to check out our Release Notes 1.14 for a detailed breakdown of the update.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Nice! Already leveled everything up to prepare for these new hybrids


I can’t wait to unlock Majundaboa and destroy “Feathered Christmas Trees”


Can maintenance be an entire month so you can fix all bugs and we don’t have to suffer through all the trash rewards from pvp and pve? :slight_smile: Thanks!


Yay! Excited for the update!

What could be better birthday gift than permian uptade. :smile:

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I was already ready to get the hybrids

Everytime, I’m hoping they fix the “reset” mess… Having to be absolutely stumped sooooo many times after the reset, until you finally get the AI, just to get one single incubator, is absolutely horrible. Not sure why we have to be loosing 3-0 so many times until the ranking stabilize, there must be a better way. I guess Ludia is thinking that it’s some sort of prize for the top players to be able to feast on us for a few days.


Por cuanto tiempo no se podrá acceder al juego?

Translated from Spanish

For how long will the game not be accessible?

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

Can’t wait! :grinning:


How long does a maintenance last? I have not seen my grandson in about 8 weeks and I have 26 dinosaurs for him to create. Of course, I am going to go see him tomorrow. Will the game be available later tomorrow?

It usually lasts between 2 and 5 hours, so yes you can play.

Spanish: Por lo general, toma algunas horas, por lo que dirĂ­a que la actualizaciĂłn deberĂ­a caer a las 3 a 4 en punto PM EST.

English: It usually takes a few hours so I would say the update should drop at 3 to 4 o’clock PM EST.

It’s starting at 9 Am EST so more closer to 12pm EST when it will be over. if all goes smoothly earlier than that.

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Thanks for the info

Happy birthday!


Thank you! :smile:

That’s 15:00 for us europeans. Was kinda hoping it’d be sooner since this’ll take up the rest of the afternoon. :confused:

Doubt there will be much downtime, as they’ve hardly changed or introduced anything :joy::joy:

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