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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | May 05, 2020

Maybe need less health with armor, 20% armor =
3720 DMG, so majunga only needs 3750 armor

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We appreciate the info! Thank you :smiley:


we had no way of knowing that it would break - if it would break. it said “update” we updated and opened the game. why would the servers be up if it wasn’t ready?

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You are right it could take days

Any news on the compensation for both the extra maintenance time, as well as the missing epic and rare strikes from last week?

Key word: FIRST. You can distract the decel revenge, but if it goes superority strike, then it’s just an impact. You can dodge it turn 1. You can do a little thing called bleed. They are strong creatures no doubt, but not broken

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And that’s what happened. The Devs weren’t aware that was going on so naturally… didn’t say anything.

Why would I tell my brother to duck if I didn’t know there was a bird flying at his head? Y’see?

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that I find out about at the same time ad you guys


Tells the devs we meant Procerathomimus and not Proceratosaurus needs a nerf.

I’m joking, I’m joking. Thanks for the update!


Alrighty, ty!

Awesome. Thanks for the updates! :smile:

Why are you joking though… proceratho needed the nerf not procerato

Lol true

Sarcosuchus: my time has come

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Thanks for the update

Whuhahahaha! Sarcosuchus uprising!

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I actually prefer JWA over any other mobile game I’ve found and I’ve played a few.

JWtG is good but I’d take JWA over it any day.


I actually didn’t get my head round the revenge moves until I read the Gamepress article … then I was like … ooohhhh … too lazy to link but I’m sure the delectable @Piere87 can jump in

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Same here, JWTG has me stuck every few days, or did, until I slowly drifted away from it. JWA? Holly gosh, I don’t have enough time to do everything in 24 hours! Ludia! Make Earth days longer for crying out loud!


Pls don’t that just means more battles I have to play

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From what I understand, the creature with the Revenge move has to use that particular move as it’s first action. Even if it is out against a faster opponent. We were planning on doing a detailed article and video on them once the patch was live. Patiently waiting now and I’m sure we’ll have something out tomorrow about it hopefully :grin: