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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | May 15, 2019


So there was no maintenance?


Read the first post, it has updates.

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Why tell us the stat boost is delayed in a thread then cancelled ? I think ludia’s minds spinning around in circles dizzy like we are with wonders of what’s next? Never expect anything to go right. All 1 can do is hope the game will be levelled out next week if a nice update occurs :+1: . He’s got highhhh hopes high hopes high in the …blah blah lol :joy:


I feel like most app games are social experiments at this point Haha


Ludia is vault tec confirmed

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Agree with you, another things more plus for the VIP users i still have it hoping they fix the game because I really like the game I want they add exclusive things for the VIP


Relax… i found a way @Ludia_Developers listen everything. It’s simple:

Ask Apex Predators members to create a topic claiming all of this, and saying they will boycott the game until everything is fixed.

Voilà. You’ll see bugs fixed in record time. :wink:


Is it sad that I’m not surprised that they canceled this update?

Its a good thing I wasn’t looking forward to it or getting my hopes up. There is no hope left for this game.


Ludia’s post is even less than unhelpful!

Maddeningly unhelpful!

Philosophically frustrating?

I’m sure some of those sentences make sense lol

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That won’t make a difference. They asked for spoofers to removed for months before anything happened. They already said they don’t like the game as it is now too, and nothing has happened. I’m sure ludia was already planning on making an announcement about the state of the win lose trophy amount prior to the boycott thread as people were already complaining about it. They don’t react to anything that fast.

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Good idea!

But I think they don’t brave enough because many of them have leveled their dinos to tier 7 or 8. And keep whining “ we actually don’t like boost …” blablabla

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I have 3500 dna left for mine and it is lvl19. I don’t hack or cheat. Had the last 2 Monday’s off and had little problem finding them. 300 of those trophies are from daily mission. Plus some from incubators. I don’t think people understand that there are grinders in this game. If my family and I go out, it is not unusual for us to each catch over 120k dna, spin 1k stops. Yes it took 5 hours but on a rainy day, popping a movie in and driving around playing and talking isn’t a terrible thing.

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That’s a bot no?


who was online and did yesterday’s event will not be penalized right?


Ludia, just implement a non-boosted arena already. Problem fixed.
If people want to play with boosts they can go to the Boosted Arena and get their fix(and different DNA for their trouble) but let everyone else be able to enjoy the old non-boosted arena. Keep the power level + trophy level matchmaker to make fights more fair but keep the boosts away from people who just wants to fill up their incubators.
Had to fight 15 times for my gf yesterday to get her 4 incubators, since she’s lost all interest in fighting. That’s absurd. She earned her way to that trophy range but now she’s penalised for having gotten there.

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There not going to start creating multiple arenas to accommodate boosts. They can just fix the speed issue. Creating multiple arenas would reduce player base in both arenas increasing wait times for opponents.

They could look at different ways of giving out incubators for people who don’t care about rank and just want to keep incubators running like battling an AI right away.

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