[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | May 17, 2018


We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Thursday, May 17th, 9am (EST) and we expect to be back online at approximately 10am (EST). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Thank you!


Can you stop with the Maintenance Windows, we got 1 yesterday. We got another one today and currently there is even a second one today.
Along with constant “the game was updated and needs to restart” messages.
Its getting pretty annoying.


Would this means once again all progress are lost this morning? What is the point to be a VIP when the game is down all the time? Would the time lost be compensated when you are a VIP member?


No progress will be lost.

In preparation of a new game update, we’re required to perform maintenance.


The end of the Maintenance window was supposed to be 1h23m ago.


Should be 2:30 hours ago by now.


Hey there, we’re really sorry, but performing Maintenance is taking longer than we expected. We hope to have the game back up and running soon!


thx that you inform us :slight_smile:
can you tell a time 2 or 3 hours ???


For the one using the Bata when is the official release date and do we got to redownload and start over on the release date


which beta :D:D:D
dont make fake information :smiley:


Its a second day I can’t play because of maintenance and resets.
Can we expect the premium account time to be increased? I almost regret buying subscription now


I subscribe too, i hope we can play soon :frowning:


This is ridiculous. I paid for VIP and I didn’t expect this to get daily downtime’s in excess of 3-4 hours, and even worse, passing your scheduled time with no new time to give us. Come on guys.


Guys, chill. Today is the world release and the updates they are promising are huge! It’ll be worth the wait. I’m VIP too and VERY anxious to get back at it, but we are coming out of beta. I’d rather they take their time and get it right. We’ll be back with our dinos soon enough :):grin:


What confirmation do you have that today is the worldwide release? If that’s true then this is awesome, but the least they can do is tell us something vs. be silent about this whole thing.


The title of the big page of all the updates listed - it says Worldwide Release. It tells us a lot!


It gives updates and says that they are preparing, and an announcement for the worldwide release is coming soon, but doesn’t say that it’s launching today. You are reading too much into the title yourself. There’s no reason to get peoples hopes up if you yourself don’t know.


learn english…


They’re ALIVE in our world and they’re roaming free in your cities and neighborhoods!
Worldwide release coming soon! See details below.

…----> COMING SOON <—… not YET !°°!°!°!°!!!°!!


Thank you, exactly…


Your crappy maintenance has made it so my husband and I can not play cause it is telling us to update it and there is NO UPDATE AVAILABLE!!!