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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | May 17, 2019

Hello fellow DPG members,

Please note that the rescheduled maintenance break is now expected to occur on Friday morning (05/17) at 9:30 AM EDT. This maintenance is related to our planned changes to the Stat Boosts.

Once the maintenance break can be confirmed, we will follow up with the detailed plan of the changes to the Stat Boosts.

Thank you all once again for your patience and cooperation.


Yay. Looking forward to this then

I hope this balances things out but doesn’t screw over the players who leveled up their non-meta dinos to make them meta with boosts. Lot of coins went into leveling them.

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Why not say what the changes will be???


He said “once maintenance confirmed “ they will follow up with the details


Why not post what the changes will be? Please …

It will not matter if maintenance confirmed or not.


The fact that they won’t come out now and say what the plan is, confirms they really don’t know what they are doing.

Just tell us what you plan to make it become, and then don’t release it until it works.


Maybe they don’t want the community to yell at them before they release it


Yep give us no chance to say “that messes it up more!”


History has shown that when they communicate with the community, which almost never actually happens, the community is overwhelmingly acceptive of their plans.

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Lol tbh whatever they do there going get hammered by the community, 1.7 has been a complete disaster,


Hope we see a final answer to this:


Hmmmm … last time they mentioned it would be a “short” maintenance … but this time not. We may expect a long one.

Also, why can’t the team let us know the change first?

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They really should announce it, see the feedback. Then roll it out.

A storm, she’s a brewin’. Ya can smell it in the wind.

Best make ready.

Two days to get that 12 or 24 ready to weather it.

We’ll see ya on the other side mates.


If they announce what the plan is now:
Majority of players will say thank you and really appreciate being told, and if there’s a potential problem, can provide constructive feedback that might allow Ludia to fix something they didn’t anticipate.

If they don’t announce before the maintenance: player base continues to grow resentful, continue to cancel VIP, and generally make this forum an unpleasant place.

The only reason I can see for them not coming out and telling us, is upper management at Ludia is so wrapped up in micro management, with enormous egos, that it would be a personal affront to their self worth if they were to do it.


I figure their changes will be enough to make those that have bought boosts regret the purchase but not enough to make those that want boosts gone happy.


I’m still positive about boosts after a nerf.

Looking forward to reading the changes.


I don’t completely agree with that

Think about how they handled the tournament debacle. People had paid $IRL to enter a competition with a list of rewards and despite all the issues they delivered the promised rewards.

I think they were boxed into a play store T&C’s corner and had no other choice.

I don’t think they can or will refund or return anything boost related, reset is a slim possibility?

Tuning the boost values, e.g. speed change by % of dinos base speed value is the most sensible option here

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