[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | May 17, 2019

How dare they kill off Samuel L Jackson so soon

What version you running 1.7.30 ? Mines down

Oh well, just got the notification saying it’s under maintenance … so i got extra 7-8 mins playing lol

Yea just went down for me 1 min ago.

Mk imma go browse reddit. I’ll be back in a bit. HOPEFULLY we have an update on what they are doing

They already said what their plan is.

I gotta do that too…lol

too busy reading 1920/2000

:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2: Yes. :joy::joy::joy:

I’m not gonna hold up hope that I get refunded if they do something drastic.

I still never got the reward shown for the first tourney and I played until it was cut off it showed $500 CLAIM REWARDS

I claim, it’s 2500 coins and support said “oh that’s just a visual error SORRY!”

Gee thanks.

Thanks for wasting my time and and now probably more

If you do something drastic with the boosts and people have already bought them at least either refund the purchase or reset them all and let us put them back where we want, a reset would be fine. Unless you will take them away completely in that case we need refunds, and by refunds I don’t mean here is $100 hard cash for your patience as patience is starting to run low… clearly

My opinion on the matter: refunds will not happed because stat boosts are here to stay. The way they work will definitely change. Another thing to keep in mind is that the programming required to refund ALL stat boosts is way too complex, unless of course you want to not be able to play the game for a couple of weeks or possibly more.

New announcement
All stat boosts reset to 0
Players given this ammount of the boosts

Attack Stat Boosts: 115
Health Stat Boosts: 115
Speed Stat Boosts: 85

New speed Boost gains reduced from 100 to 50 max

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They said they’re refunding everyone… so

Please do quote the source. I want to confirm for myself.
Edit: Nevermind, found the thread.

The rest of the announcement should read.

All players with 200 speed boosted level 21 thors enjoy your ride back down to the ruins. Now you’ll know what a lots of us went through battling the last week…


caught 2 so far…


I got in, had to walk away, now back in maintenance. Whats up. Rebooted app multiple times. I’m off for a phone reboot I guess. Grr.

So this was a quick update or…

No need to reboot your phone. Mine’s still in maintenance too.