[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | May 17, 2022

Hello DPG Members,

Please note that we’re expected to go into technical maintenance on Tuesday, May 17th, at 4:00 AM ET. This operation should approximately last 5 hours as the team will make a few changes to the backend. However, please be aware that downtime may be extended if needed.

Since active players will be forced out of the game once maintenance starts, we highly encourage players to complete their in-game activities before downtime! We will send compensation to players shortly after maintenance.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and the Forum for any status updates!

Thank you for your understanding!

** UPDATE **

  • The technical maintenance has been postponed to Wednesday, May 18th, at 4:00 AM ET.
    Thank you for your understanding!

** UPDATE #2 **

  • We’ve detected an issue that affects the sending of compensation. Please rest assured that we will send it as soon as we resolve this issue. Thank you for your understanding!

So this maintenance is for fixing the game issues like Game lag?


Hopefully. The map lag should be #1 priority


Hope it fixes matchmaking issues as well. Just had a match glitch out on me while waiting for the other player to be ready. Ended up flashing a pink screen then throwing me back to the battle select menu, only to throw me back into THAT SAME waiting screen without pressing anything. But this time the match somehow started with the choose a move clock counting down, even though it was still showing me waiting for other player to be ready. While BOTH clocks were counting down I noticed my opponent was somehow winning.

NO DINOS WERE ON THE SCREEN. NO MOVES CAN BE SELECTED. Just a constant repeating countdown timers.

I wasn’t able to do anything until my opponent was already 2-0 and the game chose the Dino for me. I ended up losing and dropping. So freaking frustrating.


You remember back at the end of last year?

The message from Jam City/Ludia to us that said you would be far more open with us and would let us know what was happening?

So how about telling us exactly what this backend maintenance is for. How can that be hard to do?

In the meantime we are left hoping it’s for the multitude of bugs that manifest the game when it could be just the map issue that potentially could have severe ramifications if it’s not sorted before Google maps pulls the plug.

So please tell us more ……


I think it’s supposed to be a surprise / general bug fixes I have a good idea on what they may be doing. Also the google maps thing was backed up to December 2023 so we have some time.

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If you ever see the purple screen - - kill the app immediately and restart to have any hope of getting back into the match in time to maybe pick a move against the player who is still in there

I personally hope the animation glitches that Ankylodactylus and Tarbognathus are facing gets fixed.


Great point! Yes, please some openness and communication with the player base (as promised) would be great Ludia / Jam City !!!

My hope - - they’re fixing bugs, performance

My fear - - they’re getting ready to add a bunch of new stuff for when the new movie comes out (June 8th).


Plz for the love of JWA fix every bug that was made!


I have video evidence to prove the issue of the pink screen of death, because it happened A SECOND TIME!!!


Nice. Maybe post a link to it in the bug-reports section. @PoPe


@E.D What 2.16 when released?

So… what’s this maintenance for?

@Daven @Ned

What is this maintenance for?
Is it to fix bugs?

We all hope yes but we don’t wanna be dissapointed, so can you give us update pls???


Just did, thanks

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What are yall doing thst you need to shut the game down for hours?


Some more clarification on “background maintenance” would be nice…


When this happened to me I disconnected from wifi and it allowed it to properly reconnect again

What about new creatures?

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