[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | May 17, 2022

Unfortunately and comically yes




And the Bug is still there


Yep, it’s still there, that solved nothing…


yep, still won’t work

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Chat still not working aswell

At this point i’m gonna expect for maintenance part 3 while we’re halfway through imperato


Just a suggestion since not everyone is on the forum or discord, but an in-game announcement saying something like “the game will go under maintenance in 30 minutes” would be nice.


Ludia and their Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Hang in there @Ned @Daven … we’ll get through this together :+1::joy:


Also going to point out that our supposed compensation for 100 bucks is still not in the mail


Still cant get in

Too obvious @Piere87. That takes all the fun out of it.

Not true. I was able to make more coffee during the downtime, so there’s that problem solved.

Honestly, I am not sure why we expected anything different from Ludia at this point :man_shrugging: They will fix it eventually. Or, like DNA donations, they never will. Who really knows?


We are experiencing the same issue in a large co-op. Many players across several alliances have reported the same issues, but for only one of our four co-op sanctuaries. @Ned , any chance that the team can look at this new sanctuary issue? The issue was encountered (persists?) after the second maintenance break.

More details:

  1. Level-20 sanctuary appears in list as usual.
  2. Accessing it allows you to scroll through Enclosures, as usual.
  3. Attempting to place into an empty slot works exactly as you would expect, up through tapping the PLACE button.
  4. After hitting PLACE, the screen shows a low-level (initially level-1, now level-3) sanc.
  5. Interestingly, sometimes the creature that was attempted to be placed remains available in the inventory, and sometimes is not available, showing as placed into a sanctuary. In the latter case, the access timer is indeed reset to 3d. So in those cases, this may boil down to a visual glitch (though that’s not certain). Also notably, the same player (me in this case) has experienced both behaviors (non-placement and quasi-placement) from the same account, device, and alliance, into the same sanc, on two consecutive attempts only interrupted by a game restart.

My highly speculative guess is that the low-level sanc is somehow controlling the number of slots available for placement. Since a level-3 sanc has 7 slots, perhaps only 7 “new” placements can be made. This would be consistent with (a) my initial failure, then quasi-success, as the ghost low-level sanc had leveled up in that time, and (b) the general failure reported by others who have repeatedly tried afterward.

Every updated/fixed, makes VIP looks worthless. Might just cancelled it at this point.

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Update: That speculative guess looks almost certainly true, after more testing. The one exception was a single placement made between the first and second maintenance breaks. That placement did not go to the low-level sanc, and may not have gone to the level-20 sanc either (or that’s a visual glitch). It did, however, reset the access clock. Speculatively, perhaps this anomalous placement is what got the sanc off the rails. Still hoping the team can help get this solved for us. We have >1000 players who can’t access a sanc they worked hard to build. :frowning:

So let’s look at this now we are almost 12 hours in since the ‘Scheduled Maintenance’ that was originally going to be yesterday but was put back to be today instead.

Before the maintenance sanctuaries worked just fine, infact they were one of the few things that didn’t suffer from many of the other issues the game had.
Now they are totally broken.

The map lag and issues with lag on the chat - exactly the same as before.

So what exactly did the scheduled maintenance do?
Apart from break a feature that wasn’t broken before?

I eagerly await a response but in reality I know I won’t get one other than the standard ‘we have passed the information on to the team who are actively working on a fix’


But look on the bright side… ummm… :thinking: ahhh…:roll_eyes: …ya, I got nothing :man_shrugging::worried:


Can’t FIP to finish the dailies :frowning:

Snap. So as well as wasting interactions by opening incs from this point, its also costing bumpy dna while im levelling moloch to try and fuse lux. Severely unimpressed. Even more so by the lack of communication for 2-3hrs.

I don’t have any sanctuary issues

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Based on our experience, it may only affect sanctuaries that received a placement between the first and second maintenance breaks. If that’s the case, most sanctuaries are not affected. But the ones that are affected are completely inaccessible. It’s pretty terrible.

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