[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | May 17, 2022

Their not bugs, we refer to them as “Surprise Algorithms” :eyes:



The description of both creatures says created by Biosyn.


You can expect it having the same spiderwebs around its body like some other dinos :rofl:

Could be they are moving to a new server since the original should be about 4-5 years old. I don’t think it is going to help the lag on our end. The map is laggy. It takes for ever to go to the creature screen and takes for ever to go to a creature. It takes for ever when you go in and out of your alliance list. It’s not like my phone is that old.


I can’t believe ludia/jam of all people are gonna be the ones to spoil us about dimetrodon’s role in the new film

And welp if thats the case. Rip the possibility of a surprise update solely focused on solving bugs

Time to say goodbye to the map :persevere:

@Ned can we get an explanation to what this maintenance is for? Five hours is significant time for “backend” maintenance if it doesn’t solve anything. We’re left with the impression that you plan to fix something but if the update does not fix what you’re intending there is no accountability because we are left in the dark.


How strange that players who say and report about the update and supposedly have contact with Ludia have not told us what this update is about, they should know if they receive information before the rest.

Hello everyone,
While this technical maintenance will address a few changes to the backend, our team is still investigating some of the issues, including the map lag issue.
We will provide an update as soon as we have more information.
Thank you for your understanding.


I feel like they’re maybe going to add new stuff that will be hidden like with the panda because the maintenance is quite long for only bug fixes.


So theyre shutting down for a quarter of the day & not even fixing the predominant issue with the game? How have they not worked out the root cause of the new lag after a month?


At last, an update dedicated only to fixing the game


Technical maintenance to address a few changes on the backend but cannot specify what those changes are. I apologize I should not have expected more as you can only pass on information that is given to you. Trying to ask Ludia/Jam City for communication is basically asking a rhetorical question and getting a rhetorical answer.


I’m guessing we might get model changes for Pyro, quetz and dimetrodon


Probably since the current ones don’t look 100% like their movie counterparts.

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Are model changes really worth a 5 hour maintenance?? :joy::joy: God I hope not.


Id rather ditch everything new to be added and just get a worth it 5 hour wait for noticably smoother overall gameplay

I can wait for another month for pyroraptor to get remodeled into a redhead penguin and start maxing it. id rather get things fixed first to grind coins from spinning drops


But can you provide more details like, for example, the updating of the Unity platform. Many players could be interested by what is happening behind the scene!