[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | November 20, 2018


Hello fellow DPG members!

There is a scheduled maintenance break tomorrow (11/20/18) morning starting at 7:30 AM (EST). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Thank you for your cooperation!




Geez. Here it comes!


Update time!


Just before the tournament begins




Horrible time for me :frowning:


Bring on the fixes!!


Or a whole new set of faults. Let’s see



Am I right in thinking 12gmt


yep. 101010


@Piere87 looks like it’s sooner rather than later :heart_eyes:


it tis here! 1.5 alive


Could you be more respectful to your players and state, whether it is going to be maintenance work and not the new update? Surely, by downgrading some of the dinosaurs, instead of upgrading their counters, ignoring the antisepation of so many players about the date of the release of new rules of the game, you, at least could calm down the mood of JWA players.


Welp! Bye Jurassic World Alive! Oh! Heres an opportunity!
How did the triceratops speed up his computer?

He gave it a good RAM!


Yes!! Thanks for having my back :kissing_heart:


I got u boo :wink:


I guess on the look out for an alliance lol