[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | November 20, 2018


Oh no i am not ready for this yet


Its on the Tuesday after the update was announced. Right before a new tourney… its the update… plan on it rather then waiting for an official post… Tuesday tends to be patch day for most games.


Hoping its done by the time i wake up :joy::joy:


How long we thinking the mIntenance will take. Ill be anxious to get back to 6700 as fast as i can :sweat_smile:


it’s for update 1.5 or just a regular maintenance?


definitely update 1.5


Yea definitely the update. They always do this


based on the 1.4 maintenance, 2 - 3 hours


Gotcha. So ill check around 10


Hoping to get it before i finish work so i don’t need to use my data to update it


Yay i’m excited for the update


Send in the bleeds lol


internal screaming ensues



Goodbye monomim, stegod and tragod these new creatures coming had better rock unlike the lacklustre monolometro and nodapatitan last ed or I’m finally over this costly fun/time/money/months of progress killing game!!!


This is so sad, Alexa, make an original joke.


Lol @metahub for not thinking the update was coming this week lol


Cue the endless repetition of that one line from BvS. :joy:


What Time is that in Germany?


2 hours from now


Just before maintaince starts everyone press evasive stance on their Monomimus so it can dodge the nerf.