[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | November 20, 2018


Now mimus will be called monohitormissing


Its happening! Oh boy!


Got that right went to get a galli and missed a monolopho on way to work it forever haunts ne that pesky chicken


It’s begin…sleep well this night .tomorrow awake surprise…:heart_eyes:


Monomimus, I guess they never miss huh? You’ve got a spot on the team I bet you won’t anymore!

(I’m so sorry)


So famous 1.5 is coming. Let’s see some changes.
My Stegodeus will stay for Utasino cleaning. Sadly cause of illness couln’t create my own Utahsino.

Monomimus will now become dodgeordie.

Luckily I will go into Lockwood not open arena Aviary. I’m really worried about matchmaking in Aviary.


More horrible for me


May the noobs unite


I’ve just realized how horribly addicted to this game I really am lol. Sure wish they ran the update overnight here in the US.


they could use the message and game to tell us when it’s going to be also because he know that use it to tell us every day to vote for them even though you can only vote once and they don’t take messages and actually read them either they just kind of ignore what your topic was and go around it


OMG! Too slow… this is going to end?


JWA update and likely a new episode of Eons today? I’m actually pretty excited.


What IF it was only a regular maintenance and NOT the 1.5 update? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


:latin_cross: >:I



It’s been 3 hours :frowning:


This maintenance is only for a minor text correction :nerd_face:




Like this


Devs sent me this, seems legit