[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | November 20, 2018


Glad to see they added the fallout from the meteor strike…


Some easy to get legendary Dino


Do you get a special prize for completing all your daily tasks.

Ive got one for friend battle I’m not going to do.


I completed them all and nothing else came from it, but aint complaining; every lil coin and hard cash counts


Thanks for the quick reply. Means you can do the ones you want to.


Ok I like the idea of alliance’s… I like idea of dialy task with more rewards.but how do we communicate between our friends and alliance’s.


There should be a message button if you click into your Alliances and see the chat


Ok I’ll look I’ve not been accepted into one set two req. Can you have more than one


Okay am I the only one who is still getting the same message about the maintenance?! It isn’t coming back up for me, I’ve downloaded the update :frowning:


Try to clear the cache (NOT THE DATA!) and then try back. Hope this helps.


It work, after clear the cache…
Lost an epic dino cause “the maintenace message” came after (run the game but) forget to swich on the gps.


My friends list just keep spinning… umm