[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | November 22, 2018

Hello fellow DPG members!

There will be a quick maintenance break coming Thursday (11/22/18) morning from around 9:30 AM (EST). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Thank you for your cooperation!


@Jorge can you pls fix the dmg preview, the speed bug indicator and dinos stuck in strike towers???
This fixes are more important than new dinos or tournaments


Are the matches where u lose -20 after winning a match going to be fixed, or just ignore it and have this tournament be an absolute nightmare of a disaster. People that win with negative trophy counts :thinking:


What about info on the new matchmaking? ^^


Whats good my Dawgs, I know the game has a lot of bugs but hey that’s expected with all new migration updates. How about we give some thanks for the hard work these guys must be doing right now to fix the game.

Thanks for all your hard work and efforts to fix the Jurassic World Alive game @Jorge and team. Lets save those dinos.


I Will continue to complain about those three things until they fix it. I dont care about new dinos or tournaments until that. The strike towers can be fixed by simply removing them once completed (like chests). And as for the dmg preview and speed bug, they both worked perfectly in 1.3, but started to bug on 1.4, so i must believe the solution is reachable for them.
About all the other things in the game im really grateful and i say it all the time


I went “all out” today looking for Tarbos, I must have spent 12 hours running around darting dinos today. In this time I also lost about 8 dinos to strike tower bases.

One epic, 2 or 3 rares and the rest were commons. This has been a serious ongoing issue for months now.

I even made a post or 5 asking them to remove these aweful strike bases months ago. Its not like we even need them anyway.

We can tell its a strike tower by the huge glowing incubators attached ro the poles. Ludia could remove the ugly, dino-eating bases and we would all be fine, but they either cant or wont for whatever unknown reasons.


Hopefully they fix the spawns

Its happening now

Server maintaince was a bit later than they said. Ran for a Trex just after the time posted. Could of strolled it and took it closer.

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I finally finally get enough T. rex DNA to complete my Indominus, and then the game shuts down for maintenance. Urgh!image

Should be finished for just after 15:00 gmt that’s the usual time for new strike towers and stuff so assuming we’ll be back on in about 5 mins

I thought when I saw the Trex spawn at half past. They’re winding us up spawning them when maintaince is meant to start. Doing it everywhere then by the sound of it.

Back now…

I was in the middle of a battle? But well played, Ludia. Well played.

Though I was kind of hoping something would happen. Having to restart the app every time I minimized it to look at something else and then hoping the game would load with my fingers crossed was worrying.

Hmmmmm que?

I was right in the middle of darting an ornithomimus when the game stopped for the maintenance. Guess I’ve lost that DNA. :frowning:

word to your mother.

Thanks. Made me lose a battle.

I assume the update is still going since I error out trying to connect.