[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | October 1, 2018


Hello fellow DPG members!

There is a short scheduled maintenance break on Monday (10/01/18) morning at approximately 9:00 AM (EDT). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Jw alive

Wait is this because of the next tournament? What’s going on?


Yes, takes them 1 hour to some extent erase what you fought for, and then comes with another dollar contest


I hope you fix the green supply drops spin, it’s impossible to do it 90% of the times.


Why another maintenance took me a week to update mine cause my phone said I needed WiFi to update.


how long will this take and will it affect my collection in any way? i love this game


Who Do you need to make a maintenance for something that can be done without it ?


is maintenance actually going to be done on the game? because the battle arena has been full of bugs for months and none of the previous “maintenance” has addressed any of them. in fact, it usually introduces new ones…


Also I’ve noticed a couple of the creatures have lost their sounds on the game. Like megalosaurus and the long neck Dinos.


I doubt very much it will sort the battle issues out.


‪I hope you can fix the issue of Strike Events drops and dinosaurs. When I tried to selected the creatures I couldn’t catch them because they was cover by the strike events. Please, check it.‬


Turn off “updating over wifi” in google play app under the settings


Please fix the green supply drops, once I reach the limit and can’t catch anymore, the supply drop is covered by the dinosaur I can’t collect from…


I’m pretty sure they’re fixing them. They made a poat a while ago saying they were working on it.


why another maintenance?


Probably related to the new tournament, starting today.


Tournament reset.


We were told. I’m hoping the new match making system works. Also hoping they fixed some other stuff and maybe more than a 3 dinosaur migration.


Thank you my friend


If you want to fix something how about reversing the client side load of the game. You pushed over 1gb to us to handle on our phones and guess what, you can’t expect us not to have issues with that large of an app now filling up our RAM.