[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | September 18, 2018

Ah…e one thing I’ve been knowing by the support email, which you can not interfere with the player’s progress in any way

Usually an hour or 2

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Are the pterosaurs being released now?

Ah…e one thing I’ve been knowing by the support email, which you can not interfere with the player’s progress in any way,that is, this maintenance will not interfere with our game progress

I would guess that not all moderators actually work for ludia and they email back and forth for instructions

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For those curious: Staff Roles - Get to Know Us!


what do you mean by that?

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I believe what carlsberglewis was trying to say… just because you didn’t read the announcement about the maintenance, you can’t fault Ludia for failing to tell you about the announcement. Just like how you can’t tell the traffic police that you didn’t know the speed limit because you didn’t see the speed limit sign…


I give up with this forum

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How long will Maintenance last?

Nobody knows. Not even Ludia can tell. Updating software can be tricky, you will never know what crops up. Let Ludia have all the time they need to do a good job. Meanwhile we’ll keep each other entertained by asking questions.

I think I know!

so I was told the update will come this Thursday, so it should last a day or two

Ok listen to this, I will explain as simple as possible.

Scheduled Maintenance is happening RIGHT NOW.
It is NOT known how long it will be down for, could be a FEW hours.
It is NOT known if this maintenance includes 1.4 update.
No-one knows when 1.4 is coming, Thursday was a GUESS.


Dear God man, calm down. They announced Maintenance yesterday. Sometimes these things don’t have exact time frames and why would they say if they are unsure? Just ride it out, play another game and chill.

I used my lvl 20 Stegod to weaken it and then used my Indominus to dodge one hit and hit him 2x …that got him…only took 3x to get the right combo… lol 700 cash… but i got it down… was so happy


Everything is so absurd :heart_eyes:

Withdrawal symptoms are kicking in…


Hmm…here’s my suggestion:

For the announcement of maintenance, you should give more clear info.
For example:

1.When will maintenance started? When will it ended?
This announcement only contained the time it started.
If you don’t want players endlessly post new threads to ask similar question, must also describe the time it will ended.
If your engineer colleagues doesn’t pretty sure, give the longest time you need.
(Like 8 hours or something else)

2.Will this been the ver.1.4 update? Or just routine maintenance?
Other official posts said ver.1.4 will released in this week. But at this point, we don’t really want to see some surprise.
We can’t wait for the new patch. Especially this is the thing we wait for over a month.
In this case, directly let the update time come out into open is better.

Don’t know if JWA s is first mobile game for Ludia.
But if it is, I won’t be surprised.

What if the whole game crashed, and it’s gone FOREVER!!! Muuaahahahahaaaa…