[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | September 7, 2021

Happy Monday DPG members,

In preparation of Update 2.10, we are expecting to go into maintenance break tomorrow Tuesday (9/07/21) at 9:00 AM ET - read on for details if you haven’t already and stay tuned for live updates on this space.

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Hopefully people can actually play after the update


66% chance to work I mean to dodge the atack :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’m genuinely scared.


Boost reset?


Just need to pray

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I hope the raid invite glitch is fixed and no update delay like last time


Yeah as someone who didn’t have the game for a week, I am genuinely worried. It did seem to have something to do with deleting the app and re-installing it which is a common thing many of us have to do in order to get the update (or get the update more quickly) because without doing so it feels like everyone else has the update whilst my App Store does not have the update to download.

It was never an issue before but this time I think I may just have to wait for it to hit the store normally, or at least wait until somebody else takes the risk to delete and re-install.


hopefully i can log on tomorrow, hopefully :disappointed:

So 65% of the player based won’t be able to play. Thats worst than last time…


Uhm, what? I seriously hope you’re joking.

Hopefully they don’t log players out like last time they already gave no boost reset of course

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Is Arctops going to join the Hybrid Pursuit with the addition of Andrewtops???

So basically We are gonna be purposely logged out for a week and miss tons of events dna darting and tournaments this has to be a joke there was more people who could log on and now they make the people who could log on including me be locked out for a week this is not funny ludia you can’t just do that when there is good events and we have to miss it

That even more worse than last time; 65% of us will be locked out? Seriously Ludia, that isn’t fair!

I hope we will be able to play

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Wait, really???

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I prey, pray God.
Everything will go well…


i dont think so there was no mention of it in the release notes for V2.10 anywhere so we can expect it to not be there when we re - open our game after the V2.10 upgrade.

perhaps by V2.13 or at the very latest V2.14 we may see a reset of the boosts system but not before, basically it is just a matter of time really and we just have to wait for ludia to announce they are going ahead with a total boost reset. :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:

It’s cool, that’s a lot of money we’ll all be saving by boycotting spending $ with ludia.