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[Scheduled Maintenance] Titan Uprising | April 19, 2019

Vikings, we will be performing scheduled maintenance tomorrow around 12:00 PM (EDT) and we expect to be back online at approximately 1:00 PM (EDT). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Thank you!

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Can you please reduce the time of the energy loading time and make 5 minutes instead of 10? Thanks


I second the energy suggestion! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new quests but gah, waiting on my energy to refill is painful!!! Especially with the Toothless quest going on!

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Ain’t no way they are dropping energy refresh in half. Looking at how these devs wiggle the Trust Event conditions - they have a VERY strict baseline to stick to, and all they can do is make things look “more rewarding” for people. Similarly - there’s the same energy quota, and it has nothing to do with “don’t spend too much time playing”.

In fact, the more options to spend energy on - the more it’s likely that you’ll spend runes to refill it. And even THAT is still a better way to use runes than to play a virtual slot machine. Bottom line though - they want you to buy some runes, or work your rear on those promotional things. Reducing energy refresh time would eliminate the whole profit point of it all.

That said - last event introduced a decent “Zap Pack” or something, 50 energy for 100 runes. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. But you why it didn’t\won’t happen? Because the current Lolfury event gives runes to begin with! Which rules out the profit and suggest basically free XP.
However… I wouldn’t mind being proved wrong on this one.


Will this be fixing the 24 hours between free quest restart?

Did the scheduled maintenance take place? Can we get an idea of whether the toothless refresh rune error was fixed?

Nope, they announced but then delayed

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Will we get our runes back?

Case by case basis, submit a support ticket

I sent an email to them on there support thing. Is that all we can do for now? And thx for answering

Did they announce the delay? when is it now?

No, just that it was delayed

Did the maintenance from 4 to 5 fix the problem with toothless refresh?

Better yet, did it happen yet?
I haven’t had any message saying it was ever under maintenance

@FlyingWolfPuppy I saw the maintenance message shortly after 4. Not sure if that was the scheduled maintenance though. The lack of communication is getting really annoying.

Yes I think having more energy sooner is a good idea