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[Scheduled Maintenance] Titan Uprising | November 26, 2019

Hello Vikings,

In preparation for update 1.9, we will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning next Tuesday (11/26) morning around 9:00 am (ET). Please be aware that maintenance could take longer than anticipated and we expect to be back online before 3:00 pm (ET). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

If any changes or delays occur, we’ll be sure to update it here.

Read the Release Notes.

Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


@Marcus, will there be a delay in update as usual for iOS players?

It’s something we can expect


What do you expect for the iOS timeframe?

Really? Still not available?

New player here, but have already spent real money as I was enjoying the game. Now, not so sure I want to suffer through if this is how ‘maintenance‘ goes. Doesn’t seem to be this way for other games.

Switch to android if you wanna be able to take advantage of there hate for ios

Too expensive…might just give up on the game instead.

Literally my thoughts, I was going to just quit last month, but kept hitting alphas lazily and that’s it. And then I saw the update. Don’t know what I was thinking about giving this android game hope.

In all my game playing (invested a lot into Candy Crush, GardenScapes, Merge Dragons) this is the only time I’ve heard about one platform being catered to and not all. No other game seems to experience issues with Apple. Updates come, updates go…no delays. A full day of downtime for paying customers is simply blowing my mind!!!

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Too bad, they could compete with the other similar games (like Empires & Puzzles) capitalizing on the Train Your Dragon fan base… that’s what drew me here and not there, but… not going to last long if this is the norm. And I am one who will spend money for a GOOD, well-supported game.

They state that they don’t play favorites, but the facts are just pointing the other direction, almost 5hr now android players have had access. So arena energy, runes, and quest energy should all be compensated to IOS. 5 hrs!!!


It’s unbelievable that the game has been up for other users for 5 hours and not to IOS. Literally a whole day out the window. Stupid.


If it’s going to be this much later, atleast grow some balls and give the community Info on when it might be up. Cause there commitment to this game compared to there others is horrendous


Totally agree!!! Who knows maybe we will get ours in the morning but I feel like I’m missing out whilst my boyfriend is playing on his game!!!


It’s really unbelievable that a company would just leave a whole portion of their market in the dark for 5 hours, 0 updates, and no fixing in the foreseeable future. Any respect I had for the devs and marketing team just went out the drain. You gotta be on a whole other level of amateur to pull something this stupid and unprofessional


This is legit proof of them favouring android. They upped our chances for breeding? Wasted 6!!! Hrs of that breeding time. Ppl going to bed now have to wait till morning so let’s says 14 hrs of down time. 2 5*star breeding is 18 hours. Luida. You have some making up to do.

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Can anyone tell me why couldn’t Ludia release new update on IOS in advance if they already expect differential delays??

This is bad for them too!

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They honestly just seem to be super unprofessional and favor Android over IOS


I play many games, and often spend money on them… NEVER have I experienced this! Quite perplexing! And to what end!!!

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Same, blatantly favoring android and literally punishing you for ios. Is There a word for operating system favoritism?