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[Scheduled Maintenance] Warriors of Waterdeep | July 28, 2020

Hello Adventurers,

In preparation for Update 15.1, we will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning tomorrow morning around 8:45 am (ET). Please be aware that maintenance could take longer than anticipated and we expect to be back online before 2:00 pm (ET). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

If any changes or delays occur, we’ll be sure to update it here.

Read the Release Notes .

Stay tuned!


Thanks for adding the note about the update schedule. Having this schedule available may be quite beneficial. :+1:



With the update in mind, I am curious if the hero markers and effect tokens will continue being obscured by the guild banner in PvP modes? This issue was identified a couple of months but remains uncorrected. If this problematic layering is intentional please pass this concern to the development team. It has a negative impact on players including wasted turns on failed targeting attempts and squandered abilities. As an example, it is unclear in the attached photo if the fighter is able to strike Naylei or if Tommus is the only available target? For players who care about wins and losses, I assume being defeated due to this glitch may be frustrating.


I appreciate the number of reminders we’ve been given.

I guess I’ll have to find something else to do at work tomorrow.

this is worse of a problem on phones with full glass front screens like newer iphones, there is a dip on the screen to allow for the camera and it makes it so that you cant even see the HP bars on the
2 middle guys.

Hey @Orloch,

You have a very good point there. Will bring this up to the team, thanks for sharing!