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Scolo in the wild now?

Saw a couple on the way home from work. Did they release it? Or is it just another glitch?

Or should I even bother asking which it is? :roll_eyes:

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Try restarting your app and see if he is still their…

Lol… i dont even know if Ludia knows at this point.


Those are just Carnotaurus in disguise. I’m pretty sure that’s what Ludia wants us to believe anyway.


They forgot to change featured dino. But who cares?


Just gonna put this right here…


Truth be told. I’d prefer scolo to koola as it’s way harder to obtain.

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Hybrid pursuit dino that they never got rid of after last week lol.

They usually let the last dino of a pursuit last a few days longer. Until Wednesday if I’m not mistaken. So nothing new, nothing weird, just a Scolo that was planned and will be replaced by Carnotaurus soon. No need to facepalm over everything not according to your self constructed specification.

You’re right, jeez… I must have been an idiot to think that when they announce a new hybrid pursuit starting that the old one was over. Stupid me…

Yeah, if they announce it that day, shouldn’t it be available THAT day?

Apparently that’s just our own constructed specifications. I guess that’s not really how it works.


Apparently so.

It should. But it’s not. They are always late, I have gotten used to it by now :slight_smile: It’s more of an announcement of what’s to come, though their wording is a bit off. Just be patient.
But you really want to have Carno over Scolo? Scolo is so rare that it can’t hurt to stack it up a bit. You never know how long it takes for it to be available again.

No, I don’t really want Carno, I have enough of it, but that means that when Purussaurus comes next week, also the one I need most, it’ll be on Wednesday and probably they’ll decide to switch to another hybrid pursuit earlier rather than later and I’ll lose out on it. But I guess we’ll see.

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Last pursuits were like this: The rare/epic starts on wednesday until the monday after, and then the following common lasts for 10 days.