Scolosaurus has no swap-in animation

Bug Description: Noticed this during a prior tourney, forgot to report until now. When swapping in Scolosaurus, there is no animation, just the background displays with the banner appearing at the bottom. Verified by using Scolo on a daily tower.

Area is was found in: Any

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Start with any dino not named Scolosaurus
Step 2 - Swap to Scolosaurus

How often does it happen: Everytime

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else? Unless Scolosaurus learned how to cloak RRREEEAALLLYY well, this seems wrong!

Swap in “Invisibility”? :smiley:

Could you give your support key to our team here at so they can take a closer look? If you included your bug report as well in the email, it’d be really helpful.

Thanks @Somedinoguy!

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