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Scolosaurus Mystery

Has anyone even seen this thing? It’s pretty damn rare for a “common”! Or is it an arena exclusive like the Pachy?

Its a tournament exclusive…so itll most likely be the reward for this coming season.

Thanks! Would have been nice if they announced it in the patch notes :man_facepalming:t2:

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Well typical ludia… if not for metahub datamining the info we would never know.

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maybe is a “trap” for spoofers

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In any case, a “gift for spoofers”, since they are receiving more than any legit player cause Ludia let them live in the top of the leaderboard.


It’s only a legendary anyway. I just don’t get what the idea is here?

It wont necessarily stay this way… will probably spawn more or atleast in incubators and strike events after the ’ tournament '.

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Just curious if any player has found it since the event? I’d really like hybrid and alliance wont/can’t donate it. Iused scents with no luck.

It hasn’t been released in the “wild” (at least not yet). And I don’t think it’s even been assigned as an arena exclusive either.

So far, the only opportunity to get it was from the last tournament.

Save your scents my friend.

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Yeah as stated their is currently no way to earn this dinos… since this seasons rewards is blue it may be some time before its dna is featured again.


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Its really strange… when we got erliko as a prize i thought they were going to start giving away dna that would actually be used on teams to win tournaments. Then they went with scoola which im sure some liked especially collectors. Now there back to blue…

Its like there tring to find what prize will make them the most money and they were like none of these tournaments have made as much as the first so lets try that again… missing the point the game had a much large population at that time.

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What I don’t understand is…

There are over 120 other dinos @Ludia_Developers could’ve picked, but apparently going a back to an already used one was the best possible option :man_shrugging:t4:

It would make sense to take a minute and think about these decisions before announcing them


I used to think Ludia was a very metric oriented company. Making every decision strategically to maximize revenue.

My mental image of them has changed to them asking the magic conch what direction they should go next…

Repeat tournament prizes already…im pretty sure when they fixed alliance missions they forgot to make it so they could change the dna… its the only explanation i can come to when asking why they bothered making 20+ line ups of alliance mission dna then letting the same two run for the entire duration of the patch. At this rate they might use 4 of those line ups this year.

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