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Scolosaurus not spawning?

Not really a problem for me but I haven’t found ANY Scolosaurus in this week’s Hybrid Pursuit, is it spawning for anyone else?


Me too, only got it from a scent

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Yep, it seems pursuits are broken.
People in my alliance already were notifying low spawns in the last two spawn weeks aka Euclo and Koola.

This time around we have a common, it should be flooding the map and the scents… but nop.
Nothing around.
One of my alliance pals reported this and support decided not to acknowledge that it may be their fault at all.

And here we are.

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Looks like another rogue Diplocaulus decided to mess up the Hybrid Pursuit Spawns. hope they fix it in time for Sonorosaurus! :cold_sweat:

One of millions bugs introduced to the game.

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