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Scolosaurus spawns in various locals or perhaps global?

Has anyone noticed the steady supply of Scolosaurus spawns starting yesterday? I’m not sure what spawn table it’s following, but it’s popping up in at least 3 local zones that I’ve seen – perhaps it’s a high global rate? Anyone have a clue as to what’s going on with this?

Special event spawns for a limited time.

Hey volkspanzer, it’s part of the Hybrid Pursuit. More information can be found on this thread here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Hybrid Pursuit

Check out our Facebook page as well for more information on which creature is more visible each week:

I didn’t saw a single one today how can I upgrade skoolassaurus if scolo is nowhere ludia? Free him to the wild once for all skoolassaurus is not a game changer so why he is so hard to create/upgrade?

Mine is at lvl 15 and I am quickly approaching 20k additional dna… I hope we have a better use for this later…

None?! No way

I love how every week people completely forget that there is hybrid pursuit.


Believe me all day all I had on my map was a plague of anky Gen2 now 20:57PM I finally saw 1

I went to dart a potato, and my game crashed… that’s one heavy potato.