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Scolosaurus- where are you

Wondering when scolosaurus is being released?
I find it pointless having A dinosaur that is nowhere to be found in wild and in incubators… how are we supposed to get a dino when components are inexistant


Ludia’s logic: #329783


I hear it’s going to be in a tournament.

Then no luck creating his hybrid in mater of weeks … will take forever

Pointless having a hybrid for koola if you can’t get the other half so you are still going to have a ton of useless koola dna still


Nearly as pointless as the alliance missions which worked for about three days :woman_shrugging:


You guys dont want it… its a strong contender for worse legendary atm. Worse tank then nodopatotitan a legendary most dont even make.

But yeah thats gonna be a tourney reward most likely in the next one. A bunch of common dna… if were lucky we might have enough to create said useless legendary before 1.8

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At least those gave us a good chunk of helpful DNA?

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We didnt even get a good week either… sure was explore was solid but the arena one sucked. With all the different rewards possible for them a good week would be both having top epic dna and completely possible.

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Yh would of been nice to get the extra 500 sino and 5000 triceratops gen2 the last time helped me create thor just wanted to level him up another level to be joint highest in my team

At the bottom of the barrel, under the heading “survivor”.

Maybe I get Skoolasaurus created before getting all of its components ready. :thinking:



Whaaaa? How’d that happen?


Im more intrested in future plans with this one. Its a unique eligible tank outside of alanky the only one.

I bet @Justin_Larson has already created and leveled this one lol


Stop spamming every single thread just because you don’t like @Justin_Larson



You sure act like you need one. But seriously, just talk to him directly, you might change his mind :slight_smile:

Has any one got one yet? If so, how did you acquire it?