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Where is he/she?
Havent seen her/him yet. Is Scalosaurus incubator only, or does it live in a certain zone.
I’d love to see him/her.

Wait for the dawn or dusk!
“Praise the sun”


I tried, praised the sun but nothing happened

Scolo is the new Blue

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Such a slap in the face! “hey everyone koola finally has a hybrid” small print “we are gonna lock away so you can’t actually put your 10k koola DNA to use for another 3 patches”, what a joke “skool” was Dino I was most pumped about this ed!?!?

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Hopefully not like monomimus where they lock DNA away, we have to fight bots using it over levelled while it’s oop then when players finally get access it gets nerfed next patch!!!

So does anyone have scolo?

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