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Scoola missing?

Isn’t Scoola ment to be part of the hybrid chase this week? Cus at the moment it’s still stygi everywhere I go.

Have you forgot again ludia or are you going to say its available just like Darwin apparently was?

Nah it’s Koolade on at the moment

Ah makes sense then but normally it’s the common first. Cheers for clarification

Actually Stygi Gen2 is still on. Koola will probably show up Wednesday or so as per usual with Epic hybrid pursuit weeks :confused:

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Still Stygi g2 around everywhere.


Why would Koola be first? I don’t see that mentioned anywhere.
Besides, I don’t think they have more than 1 spot at a time for a featured Hybrid dino, which is currently occupied by Stygi

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Koola is 1st look in news feed in game

I literally saw this after clicking a link from a Tweet talking about how Koolasuchus is more common. Way to go Ludia. :joy:

Except is not at the moment