Score generator

Is there a creator score generator for Jurassic World The Game?
Let me explain: if, for example, I wanted to know how much a TRex would have at attack and health at a level even beyond 40 (41, 42, 50, 100 etc …) is there a method to know exactly???

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Not that I have ever seen, I thought about doing the detective work to do so but decided it was not worth it as there is no benefit from a play stand point to identify what calculation is used beyond level 40.


I remember someone posting something about how to calculate what the stats would be at level 10, 20, 30, etc. I can’t remember if it was the ferocity or the actual health and attack stats, but I believe there was an equation. I don’t think it was EXACT, but nearly identical. You would have to search the forum though, I don’t remember who it was or what the equation was.

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I’ve always just assumed the increase after lvl 40 was probably just some linear increase across all creatures based off a percentage of their lvl 40 stats.

Since there are no fusion level jumps to be had after 40 I would think stats would increase linearly thereafter.

A quick glance at my infinity battle

I just used Argentina stats to go off of.

5012 health - lvl 40 health 281 = 4731
4731 / (lvl difference) 960 = 4.928125. This would the the linear health increase per lvl past 40 for this particular creature.

(4.928125 / 281) x 100 = 1.753781138%. (this is the percent increase per lvl past 40 based on the lvl 40 health)

So back track for this one. 1% of 281 is 2.81. 2.81 x 1.753781138 = 4.928125
4.928125 x 960 = 4731
4731 + 281 = 5012

That’s the math i used for Argentina

For Bary it works pretty well, lets see

lvl 40 Bary is 4788 health. (per dino spreadsheet)
4788 / 100 = 47.88
47.88 x (our number) 1.753781138 = 83.97104088
83.97104088 x 32 (lvl’s past 40) = 2687
2687 + 4788 (lvl 40 health) = 7475. (So 1 HP off, not bad)

Lets try Laby (actually I’ll just give you the answer you can check the math if you want)

health 236 at lvl 40

After calculation using the % increase number I come up with 4164. So pretty close but 5 HP off so not perfect.

Give it ago with others to see how close it comes, those are the only 3 creatures i have to see stats on right now above lvl 40

Didn’t do any calculation for atk but assume it would be same principle.

Perhaps there is a different % value used for the different classes. With out more above lvl 40 creature stats to test i can’t say. Might explain why Laby was so off, Amphibs might have a very slightly different multiplier IDK?


Creatures for testing:


I think the most impressive is Apatosaurus level 222, with a whopping 30114 health!
How did you manage to beat him?

By doing at least 30,115 damage :eyes:


you can defeat it by using an indoraptor lvl10 but you need to be careful with that damage

Ophi is only off by 1 hp using calculation

Pterodaustro comes out as 7805 so off by 3

ptera G2 comes out as 12683 so off by 4

V raptor G2 comes out as 20848. So 1 short

Kapro comes out as 21420 so 5 off and low

Just checking those few it works out pretty good but isn’t correct for Ptero’s and amphibs, I wonder if they use a slightly different multiplier or if simply rounding some of the number i’m using might help.

The Herbs and Carno’s seem to work pretty good off by 1, which could be explained off by rounding as Ludia has it programmed.

With that being said using the calculation is going to get you really really close and probably meet most of your needs.


These battles use my pachygalo. Or yudon.