Scoreboard glitch

It is not possible for someone to have 1990 trophies five minutes into the tournament. Can you maybe fix that?

@Ned I know the team is on vacation, but this is important. I haven’t even battles and it’s showing a high score for me. I think it’s pulling scores from previous exclusive tourney? I think this needs to be looked into. No one is actually going to be able to climb otherwise

Thank you, Piere87. I’m bringing this up with our team! :mag:

I begin at 880, as usual… But I only play against level 30 full boost… Not normal… Many bugs today

@Ned Think Piere is right that the LB still has scores from prior months exclusive tournament. I was ranked 15 with 0 pts prior to entering and dropped to 5777 upon completing two battles. We are being ranked against old LB scores.

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Opened up the tournament 22 minutes after it started. Did a battle and placed 12000 something whilst the top already have 1900+ scores… after 22 minutes??? Is this just a visual bug or what

@Ned mind showing this to the team or something

Total mess as usual.

Hey everyone, could you please try closing/relaunching your game? The Leaderboard should be displaying the correct scores now. :thinking:

Thanks Ned! It is fixed once you restart and battle again.

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Thanks for updating us, DaisyRex! I’m glad to hear it’s working correctly again. :smiley:

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The initial glitch has made the leaderboard ridiculous.
I started to battle through it, The matchmaking was complete nonsense.
Some players got a LOT of extra wins during that time.