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Scoring pack in tournaments

This is a thread for celebrating when you score the pack of the tournament creature from the prize wheel.

There will probably be 1 post in here every couple of weeks so Ludia, pls don’t necropost this.


I never get to dominater league because it’s too hard so I only get to prey league because it is the easiest pack to get with a decent amount of bucks.


I usually always get to dominator near first

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do you have to get dom to have a chance of getting the pack???

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No you dont, I believe I was in hunter when I scored the pack for kaprosuchus gen 2.


Yes, just that in dom it is 1% and in other leagues it is less than 1%

Ahem, Ahem @Mr_Nobody_cares

Nah in dom it’s still less than 1.

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