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Scorpio Rex Gen 3

I am seriously pissed of this creature vibing in the tournament. It’s so good. Can anyone tell me what is the possible way to counter this creature? Need to work on the counter for sure.

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Bleed and stun immunity


Resileant and cunning could beat it


Its a great counter to all the annoying SIA rats. I love it how it is.

1v1 Magna is a good counter for it I’ve noticed.


Magna, antarc, mrhino, orion, erlidom, spyx, indo, rinex (maybe), and nemys. Some of these are definitive counters, like Magna and mrhino, others are dependent on proper move choice an prediction, like nemys. Those are the uniques

I would say magna, smilo, antarc, quetza and monorhino.
Antarc I would say is one of the best because nobody expects it since it never gets used but that null counter hits scorp hard and obviously the definite rampage :joy:


Magna shuts it down pretty well. Orion is bleed and distraction immune on top of breaking through all of scorpiousus defenses.


Orion is basically 50/50 due to crit and stun; and rhino loses to it especially if it’s already swapped in. Nemys I think is also 50/50


Orion I agree its 50/50
But smilo is defo a counter mine destroys scoprs in the normal arena just prowl spam until it uses the bleed move @Funtime_dino
Edit - Also its only shield breaking move is a strike

Magna, mammolania, spxs(as long as it isn’t stunned), venator (as long as it doesn’t get stunned nor Scorpius crits) are basically the best.


The problem is your faster meaning your gonna take one tick of bleed, so you can’t escape the bleed unless it’s already swapped in. Add to that it can go for ambush to make sure the R&R/ SDS/DP won’t do damage/kill it and so it can then outspeed it and rampages/strike.


Yeah I do feel like people ignore antarc, but it has a really good moveset
Maybe because its a pain to level up needing 200 exclusive dna to fuse.

I’ve honestly had no issues with it, but mainly scorp swaps in, I rarely see one come in without the swap in bonus.

Yeah that really the only way nemys can 100% counter it but if it faster the bleed hurts it bad.

It’s that it’s Moveset isn’t that great normally. It got a big nerf with DR (I think the devs forgot it had a 2 turn cooldown, due to Spinonyx being the only one who had it when Antarcto got it) and now it’s main distracting move is a strike.

Yeah I feel like they could of always swapped the impact and strike the other way round, and then give it some DOT resistance from losing the cunning strike
Ideal new moveset
SV strike
Distracting impact
Def Rampage
Edit - Null counter 0.5X

That’s a decent moveset (if there is a counter) but Revenge Instant Ferocity isn’t great, and Definite Rampage again is really bad. Like it just sucks now. Also that SID is really good on it. But overall pretty good.

Also keep swap in distraction. Helps it out and connects it more with Diplovenator

I think I have an image on another post, think its on what bad uniques can be buffed, want me to @ you on that post? @Cheeseeater

Hmm tbh, H2H ain’t any problem cuz it got preety low hp. But the problem is when it speed up.