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Scorpios or Para lux

For the Camp Cretaceous event this week I don’t know what to dart for the legendaries.

Dna info

Para lux: Close to unlocking, Never seen for 1-2 months

Scorpios: 0 Dna and close to fusing

Also that’s the week in case you need it.

If you’re patient and can do scorpio raid or can start fusing very soon then go lux


I’ll go Lux, Scorpius has a Raid so it’s not really a priority to me in this case.


I’d suggest lux since I think its more hard to obtain than scorpius, lux can only be found while in motion whilst scorpius can be fused and won through raids


Lux, because its hard to find. But, i’ll go for scorpi because i havent darted it

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Screenshot_20210621-161753_JW Alive

Well should I still go for lux

Nah, after unlocking it there isn’t really much else to do with it other than looking at it or playing in the AR, I heard that it’s bad even in raids so just go for Scorpius.

Para Lux could use a hit point and damage buff to make it’s heal better and maybe not be one-shot by the raid creatures 2X hits.

I will be darting Scorpius.

Lux, much harder to find then Srex

So now I should dart Scorpios

If you wanna, but lux is way better to dart atm then Srex



I would highly recommend Lux. Even though it’s the worse creature, it has potential to eventually get a hybrid while Scorpius most likely doesn’t (it’s already a superhybrid), and it’s also much more difficult to obtain as a very infrequent proximity spawn.

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Honestly, I am going for Scorpius for 2 reasons:

1: I kinda have plenty of Para Lux DNA

And 2: I am out of Monolophosaurus DNA and I am not in the correct zone for it to spawn (currently I am in Local 4)

(Screenshot of S-Rex was taken a while ago so it is no longer up to date besides the amount of Monolophosaurus dna)

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Para Lux didn’t have damage buff, it’s Tsintaosaurus and Scorpius can remove damage Increase and reduce damage lol

Prolly lux considering it could get a hybrid some time

I would go for para lux even if it is the worst creature. I prefer to stockpile in case it gets a hybrid as there is no way to hunt for it or work on it in sanctuaries. Scorpius Rex is easy to work on.

I would go para, since it might get a hybrid in the future and its alot harder to find/collect dna.
Also scorps darting might be awful paras ain’t great but its ok

today i unlock scorps rex gen 2 . i am happy with that :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
Screenshot (533)
Screenshot (535)

Today i had some good luck in getting dna for the Scorpious Rex’s all 3 of them in fact so i now have Scorpious Rex Gen1, Scorpious Rex Gen2, and Scorpious Rex Gen3 !.

I have been stock piling dna of its fusing partners for more than a couple of years now in my games inventory and grabbed a swag of high dna fuses when creating it and leveling it up as well.

I am going for the Scorpious Rex’s as Para Lux is a waste of time and energy because we only get 1 shot at grabbing any dna from it so at best you will get around 150 + or perhaps a lower amount or maybe even higher but thats basically it while Scorpious Rex you can fuse to your hearts content with all the dna you have stashed away in your games inventory and create a really good super hybrid ! :grinning: