Scorpios Rex Accurate Roar

Thank you so much to Ludia for adding my son’s favourite dino into the game. He does notice straight away that the thing he likes the most about Scorpios Rex is not accurate, the iconic roar.

Please is there any way to give her the correct roar, as it’s so much a part of the dino it would be like Rexy having a different roar.


I think it’s copinâtes by universal


I don’t think Ludia has access to the sound fx, because CC is a Netflix exclusive.

It’s not like the JP and JW franchises where they are exclusively owned by universal, who probably provided the sounds for the few iconic dinos in this game (although some are publicly available currently).

Every other dino Ludia probably mixed their own dino sounds, including scorpios.

Overall, I don’t think this is a big deal, at least not as big (pun intended) as Scorpios’s strange proportions.


But they got the perfect model

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That’s totally different… Ludia probably modeled it off pictures after getting the rights from netflix. They do that from all pictures of dinos, as it’s really common in 3D modeling and design. However Ludia couldn’t do that to Scorpious’s sounds, thus they probably had to create it from scratch.

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Anyways she is beautiful on an ugly scale. :blue_heart:

I find Scorpios Rex really beautiful because of the ugliness, it is meant to be freaky, and it is. It looks a lot like the human-dino hybrid concept that were meant to be in the cancelled Jurassic Park 4.