Scorpious Rex Evolutions

Hey fellow dinosaur trainers,

Took me a little bit longer again to post this, simply because the amount of DNA that we’ve all had to spend on these newer hybrids.

But at last, here it is- Here are all the evolutions for the Scorpious Rex:

She’s actually quite finicky and thus was a bit harder to get quality shots here… But here’s the final evolution in photo mode:


what a beauty, ludia really did a good job, I ove him


It does look a bit like Indominus Rex with those red spikes at the top :smiley:


It looks like an evil alien to me.
Where does “Rex” come from, mind the original creatures?


Well, originally, Scorpius Rex was not made of neither of these creatures, or at least they were not teased or mentioned. We really don’t know what are Scorpius Rex ingredients, we can just assume that it uses at least T-Rex, Velociraptor, Carnotaurus and maybe Monolophosaurus because, as stated in Camp Cretaceous, it was the first hybrid created by Dr. Wu.


OK, I really need to watch Camp cretaceous soon.
Thank U so much for enlightening me. Much appreciated.

Yeah, I really like the design as well… Also, I’m quite mindful of why this one was added— but purely from a gameplay perspective, I’m not so sure we needed another carnivore.


Yeah he sure does.

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True… All respective to the overarching “plot” of the franchise.

Of course, we can also infer that really every single one of the creatures we see in the Jurassic Park/World franchise would all be hybrids in one form or another.

As the great Alan Grant once said in Jurassic Park 3, “ What John Hammond and InGen did at Jurassic Park is create genetically engineered theme park monsters! Nothing more and nothing less.”

I mean, they stated in the original Jurassic Park movie that the scientific shortfalls of working with modern day equipment and research to clone creatures from 65 million-year old (or older) DNA made it impossible to truly clone any dinosaur (which is still very much impossible). Even the very best preserved DNA that’s been around for that long is severely broken down and degraded from its original DNA sequence— so the movie expositions this away with a quick “oh yeah we tossed in some frog DNA and tada— Dinosaurs!” Maybe some day cloning technology will take sudden steps forward— but for now hell, scientists haven’t even figured out how to clone a Wholly Mammoth from an entire specimen that was frozen in ice for a couple thousand years.

It’s a fun idea that triggered the Jurassic Park franchise when Michael Crichton dreamed up the idea in the 1980’s— but it’s still sadly purely science fiction… And even with verisimilitude in mind, the closest thought to the potential reality of any sort of “dinosaur” ever being cloned would surely have to be some sort of hybrid