Scorpius Raid

The Scorpius raid is one of the more difficult ones. I had use the below set up and instructions to do it but only successful half the time and if Scorpius takes out Bajatonodon on the first move with a critical, it requires surrender and starting over. So there is RNG in a couple places in this raid. If you manage to get past the 1st hurdle, there are others in the next rounds with the minions 1st moves.

I worked out my own team which worked decent throughout the whole raid but used up 18 or 19 of the 20 turns. The team was solid though.

Keratoporcus is to keep shields broken, damage multiple opponents.
Bajatonodon is for healing and emergency invincibility, debuffing, vulnerable.
Phorusaura (speeded to 134) is for getting a 1st shot in and debuffing.
Ankyntrosaurus is for general shielding, tanking, debuffing counter, vulnerabe, emergency instant invincibility for single 2X attacks.

I may try swapping out Phorus for another creature but maybe next week. These 3 round matches are just too long. Phorus seemed week against the minions. I could use a creature to cleanse distraction, even from Scorpius.

that works just have to keep an eye on the minions i stall the shields to 20 to help

This worked. Although one of my Thylacitarors is 19. 18 didn’t quit do it so I had to level it up one. Skoola got stunned the 1st round but it didn’t affect the raid.

yeha i would suggest lvl 20 thylas its a nasty raid gorgo doesnt matter at all :stuck_out_tongue: