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Scorpius Rex Gen 3 speed boost ideas

What do you think, how much speed the Scorpius Rex Gen 3 needs?

  • My first thought was 125… but I feel like it’s a little low.
  • Do you think 131 or 135 would be okay?

Nitro Thoras don’t interest me because their natural opponent is the Critical Ambush. I just want to be faster than Trykos or Ardentismaximas. What else should I pay attention to? Ceramagnus is always a problem, but I don’t think they would speed them up to 131 or 135.

What speed would be optimal for the Scorpius Rex?

I honestly think it’s better to your boosts into SCP’s Health and Attack. Like you said, it’s speed gets boosted by a lot when it uses Critical Ambush, usually getting it to upwards of 160 speed if it’s in the 120’s.