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Scorpius Rex in JWTG

I am still waiting for the day when we will get Scorpius Rex in JWTG. I don’t care about the components or whether there will be a tournament for it or not. I REALLY want this hybrid! So please add Scorpius Rex in the game!



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we already have so many canivorous hybrids why add another like scopious

May be they’ll make scorpious rex an amphibian stronger than gorgosuchus.

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scorpious is a carnivore it obviously wont be an amphibian

Scorpious is a fictional creature , it’ll be whatever they want it to.
I mean most amphibians we’ve aren’t true amphibians either.

Scorpius Rex is an iconic creature in Jurassic World like Indominus, Indoraptor or T-Rex. Plus, the hybrid is already in JWA, so why not in JWTG too?

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You mean the hybrid amphibians, cause the non-hybrid amphibians were all real.

I meant that they’re not true amphibians by traditional definition. All the crocs aren’t true amphibians.

If you mean creatures like nundasuchus and kaprosuchus then yeah they are not your traditional crocs as they hunted on land, but they were still classed as crocodiles. Making scorpius an amphibian would not make sense in the slightest.


Very rarely anything makes sense in this game.

The ingredients for Scorpius Rex can be Monolophosaurus Gen 2 and Carnotaurus Gen 2, but first, we are going to need to have those Gen 2 dinosaurs as tournament creatures or as common, rare or super rare.

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That is true, however just because we need more amphibians in the game we shouldnt be parring certain creatures off to that class because of it. Especially not scorpius rex which needs to be a carnivore by default.

Tbh my amphibs just end up being meatsheilds and il use herbivores or pterosaurs instead as they have better stats so the lack of amphibians doesnt matter to me really il just fill the gaps elsewhere.


Thanks, I’m glad I know now what scorpius was made from, I don’t watch CC lol

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To be fair the show didn’t really specify what it was made of except that it was chronologically the first hybrid even before Indominus, and probably had scorpionfish genes too. JWA went on a guessing spree with regard to how Scorpius and it’s variants are made…


Whatever it is, its damn ugly… :joy:


I agree with the fact that there should be more amphibians in the game. There are a lot of amphibian ideas like: tulerpeton, pederpes, ventastega, sauripterus or even crocodiles (considered as amphibians in the game) like
araripesuchus, anatosuchus or even deinosuchus.


It is said that Scorpius Rex has been created by using tree frog, scorpion fish, carno and velociraptor DNA, but the hybrid can be created easily in the game by fusing two gen 2s instead of so many different types of DNA (or S-DNA).

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Or super hybrid to existing hybrids like ostaposaurus , nundagosaurus etc .

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Real yes, but some are misclassified.

For example Metriorhynchus irl was an aquatic animal, but in JW:TG it’s a land animal.

With that said however, this is true:

The way I see it, the dinos are classified as to what animations they could fall into. All dinos in a sub-class have the same animation. For example, Trex has a different animation from Spinosaurus, of which Baryonyx, Ostafrikasaurus, and Irritator all fall under the Spinosaur animation.

Scorpious Rex would likely have a raptor animation at the very least.

Yes, Ludia could simply port it over, but I believe that they’d want a custom animation to come with it from Alive, thus costing more time before we had it.

No, it does not make sense to make a Scorpio Rex s-hybrid from either of those hybrids.

The 2 likely options are Metrialong or Suprannotitan if Ludia was going the route of a s-hybrid.

With it being the first hybrid Wu made, it would likely be a hybrid first. Indo was canonically the first Super Hybrid because it has the groundwork DNA of Indom, with the base of it being Raptor DNA.