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Scorpius Rex in JWTG

The playable bosses aren’t useful to me. It would’ve been better and more awesome if they added a new “land” for Permian creatures instead of the playable bosses.


That I agree with, I just wanted to emphasize on the potential to still add new dimensions to the game. If they add Compy they probably wouldn’t be able to go with the traditional Raptor animation so they’ll have to add a new model, possibly the flock model. Again they did make new models for Iggy and Eddy… At first it seemed like the game wouldn’t really see major new dimensions but then with Playable Bosses being added there was indication of some scope still remaining.


i think we dont need a scorpius rex because there are too many carnivores

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Scorpius Rex is an iconic creature in Jurassic World. Plus, Sonorasaurus has been recently added to the game, and she is a herbivore. Also, you don’t have to hatch Scorpius Rex if you don’t want to have it.

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I don’t know if we ever get dodo since he is a food source

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Hehe yea I thought the same too

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I think they will more likely make permians like Scutosaurus and inonstrancevia herbivores and carnivores. There wouldn’t be no point for dimetrodon to be in the carnivore category if they add permians separately

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I don’t really care how will the Permian creatures be classified. It would be awesome to have them in the game, but first, I want Scorpius Rex in JWTG.

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true the can import the model but from what I have heard the animation can’t be directly copy and pasted

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There is actually a fine balance in the game with carnivores and herbivores.

Same can be said for pterosaurs and amphibians, theres just less of the latter two when compared with the first two.

Honestly I wouldnt mind scorpius being added.


Thanks for the information. Scorpius Rex can have Indoraptor animation, and I am totally fine with that. I just want to have the hybrid in my park.

Good point. (Imagine, Three Dodos VS T-rex)

Imagine three Dodos VS a Smilodon.

What if scorpius rex is a playable in jwtg. Guess the ingredients and tell me. If you are confident, start maxing those ingredients up.

As I said before, the best and simple ingredients for Scorpius Rex would be Monolophosaurus Gen 2 and Carnotaurus Gen 2 (like JWA’s Scorpius Rex Gen 2). First, we will need those two dinos to be added in JWTG, and then we can combine them to fuse the hybrid. It will be much harder to collect every single DNA of the hybrid. An example is Indominus Rex who was created by using much more ingredients in the Jurassic World movie than in the game (Deinosuchus, Therizinosaurus etc. not only T-Rex and Velociraptor).

Maybe for the satisfaction of the scorpious fans

JWTG differs from a regular dinosaur video game simulation as being based on the Jurassic World movie franchise. Scorpius Rex became an iconic creature since CC came out like Indominus Rex or Indoraptor, which means it needs to be added to JWTG, too, not only to JWA.

Just listen to my thought
If we get dimorphodon gen 2 it gives some sense that it would climb trees
So dimo gen 2 + carno gen 2 = a hybrid
The hybrid + raptor dna = scorpios rex
And it would be a shiny colored copy in market because its from a tournament hybrid who is from the mixture of 2 tournament creatures

I read your idea, and I appreciate it. As I said before, I don’t want Scorpius Rex to be an S-Hybrid because it would be a struggle for me to collect the S-DNA. Why not to use two dinos? It would be easier. Another option is to make a tournament for Scorpius Rex which is the best way to acquire the hybrid without fusing any creature.

In the actual movie, as i saw
Scorpius Rex was created by mixing the base genome of Trex with a bunch of other animals like scorpion, lionfish, frog, velociraptor and carnotaurus

So now how do we make it in the game?