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Scorpius Rex - New hybrid coming

The new Jurassic World toy line has a new hybrid. Scorpius Rex. If you watch Camp Cretaceous, it’s believed that’s the hybrid in the vat. So it’s probably coming to the game. What do you guys think it’s components will be??


There’s no actual pictures of the toys though. Guess they don’t want to spoil what it looks like.

We have to wait and see. The only dinosaur that has scorpion in his name is scorpiovenator but he doesn’t exist in the jp franchise. My predictions would be t rex + baryonx or t rex + allosaurus since he is in the medium theropod range. Speaking of camp cretaceous we might also getting albertosaurus and cryolophosaurus. They have toys too


There’s also toys of dinosaurs I’ve never even heard of. But we don’t even have a ceratosaurus in the game and it’s been in the jurassic franchise for 20 years.


Sarcosuchus and plesiosaurus also have confirmed toys for camp cretaceous but i don’t think we will get a plesiosaurus until a aquatic update but sarcosuchus gen 2 is possible


Sarco toy


Here are some images of the camp cretaceous toys


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El Scorpius Rex No puede ser Creado o hibridado seguramente sera un Apex porque no puede ser unico

Translated from Spanish

The Scorpius Rex cannot be created or hybridized, it will surely be an Apex because it cannot be unique

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Indominus and Rex, they made a hybrid with extra raptor dna, why not with extra rex dna since I think the only thing it was used for Indy is it’s jaw. I bet it would be smaller, but with a larger bite force and a more similar jaw to T. rex rather than giga. It could also just be an indom with extra snake dna.


But the creature is supposed to be in between the sizes of indominus and indoraptor. So a medium therapod like carno and megalo. Indom with titanaboa dna is an interesting idea. But there’s already 2 indom hybrids. Will we finally get another creature with 3 hybrids?

Thought this was related to the topic, maybe you’ll find it useful, but I think we’ll get a Paleozoic update for about 2.6 or further down the track, where they add in the prehistoric Sea Scorpion and it fuses with Indominus Rex to make E750(Scorpius Rex) a unique or Sea Scorpion could even be a legendary creature like Para Lux and we would get E750 as an Apex or something? Scorpius Rex! Sea Scorpion/Megalograptus+Indominus Rex?E750(Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Season 3) - YouTube


There’s colours named E750? If this thing can cloak like the Indominus maybe there is some sort of reference there, but it’s pretty cool nevertheless. Personally I it always reminds me of 3750, which was one of the generic Cunning HP stats before 2.0. If E750 gets added to the game I’d like to think it would have 3750 HP.

Having it be part sea scorpion would be awesome (Eurypterid 750 anyone?), but I think Skorpiovenator shouldn’t be ruled out, considering a lot of the now-released scrapped concepts for CC had creatures new to the franchise. Skorpiovenator could also easily be added to both JWA and JWTG, and it would be easier to make toys for considering it’s a large theropod (although there aren’t any Skorpiovenator toys rn).


what if Scorpius Rex is e750?

Maybe some people are already thinking that, but it might not be

I stated that in the OP. The creature in the vat in camp cretaceous is E750.

I could see this creature being a apex. I know it would make the schedule a little hectic but I could see ludia doing something like that.

Scorpius Rex? Interesting.

I was thinking maybe this could be the first hybrid apex. Indominus fused with indoraptor.